Alpaca Yarn – Three Reasons Why Knitters Should Use Alpaca Yarn Instead of Wool |

If you enjoy knitting, you should be aware of the benefits of using alpaca yarn. In fact, alpaca yarn has a few significant advantages over standard wool knitting yarn. Let’s take a closer look.More and more knitters are turning to alpaca yarn for their clothing and apparel projects, and with good reason. Alpaca yarn is available in almost two dozen natural colors, is minimally processed, and is more affordable than ever. There are three specific advantages to using alpaca yarn, particularly if you are knitting something that can be worn or an accessory item like a blanket.Advantage #1: Alpaca Yarn Is More DurableYou may know that alpaca garments in general are extremely durable. In fact, it is not uncommon for an alpaca scarf, sweater, or blanket to last for decades or even a lifetime. This is a testament to the fleece, which is then processed into yarn for knitting.The fibers, while extremely soft to the touch, are woven to be stronger and much more durable than wool. Further, these garments are less likely to snag, tear, or rip.While the cost of alpaca yarn is typically higher than other yarns, prices have come down as availability has increased. You can normally find the quantities you need from specialty online retailers that will ship the product directly to your door.Advantage #2: Ease Of HandlingThe second advantage is of special interest to knitters. Alpaca yarn is easier on your hands because it is softer. If you find your hands itchy and scratchy after working with traditional yarn, you will definitely appreciate the difference.In addition, durability also comes into play. There tends to be less waste of yarn since the weave is tighter and stronger. The more you work with this yarn, you will find a need to buy less quantities for the same project done with wool.Advantage #3: Warm, Soft, And HypoallergenicThe final advantage relates to the end product. Alpaca garments are not only durable, they are more comfortable as well. We’ve discussed the softness aspect, which will be appreciated by the person who wears your creation.The fiber is much warmer than other fabrics, like wool as one example. An alpaca blanket is considered to be at least twice as warm as wool and significantly warmer than cotton. And yet, it is extremely breathable and less stifling, like a thick and bulky down comforter can often be.Another advantage is the hypoallergenic nature of this yarn. It is a completely natural product, with no intensive processing like wool. The end result is a softer, natural fiber that won’t irritate or create skin allergies or other conditions.SummaryExperienced knitters are turning more and more to alpaca yarn for their crafting projects. It is significantly more durable and much easier to work with than wool, especially for your hands. Further, the end result of your project will be more durable and a soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic garment that anyone will appreciate for years to come.