Lymphedema Supplies For Lymphedema Treatment |

Lymphedema in a patient results in the swelling of limbs due to congestion of the lymph fluid. There is an accumulation of the lymphatic fluid in the limbs which often leaves the patient immobile, depressed and prone to various diseases. There are several lymphedema supplies that offer products which aid in compression and circulation of the lymph fluid. These supplies are good especially in the early stages of the disease when it is progressive as it is easier to treat it.The treatment that the patient needs to follow to take care of lymphedema does not involve any surgical or pathological treatments. This disease is incurable and hence the best treatment that it can get is non invasive that includes products that aid in compression as well as massages that help in draining off the fluid from the body. There are also lymphedema supplies that include meticulous skin care so as to decrease the breeding of bacteria on the skin which could result in further infections.Some of these Lymphedema supplies that aid in compression therapy are bandages and compression garments. Patients suffering from swelling caused due to lymph congestion need to bandage the affected limb so that it manages the edema in the body. Some of these bandages are wrapped on the limbs before wearing compression garments as it reduces the swellings and keeps the size of the limb stable.Lymphedema supplies that include compression garments include arm- sleeves, gauntlets, medical wear gloves, seamless gloves etc that help in compressing the swelling which again aids the flow of lymphatic fluid that could have accumulated in a particular area. The supplies that are essentials for the lower extremity lymphedema are socks, knee high and thigh high stockings, pantyhose etc. A few other supplies that are essential are adhesives and washing solutions that help in washing these garments while the adhesives are useful for securing materials onto the garments.