The Body Magic From Ardyss International |

Our flagship product, ”The Body Magic” from Ardyss International, was designed by an orthopedic surgeon, and a medical engineer. This product specifically targets women’s problem areas. As women go through pregnancy, the stomach loses its muscular ability through a hormone called relaxin. This allows the stomach muscles and waistline to stretch. The two bands of muscles down the center of the stomach called the ”Rectus Abdominus” separate.This process is called ”Diastasis Recti” and is natural and painless. The organs are also shifted to make room for baby. After giving birth, the stomach muscles tighten and eventually realign themselves. However there is a window of opportunity, where if the proper amount of exercise and proper diet are not implemented, you can say goodbye to that beautiful and sexy stomach and waistline. The Body Magic was designed with this in mind. The garment holds the organs in there proper position, strengthening the inner core.Over time this enhances the metabolism, helping to eliminate excess weight from problem areas. The garment lifts and holds stomach muscles in position, controls the abdomen, lifts breasts, corrects the posture(thanks to the soft double-stitched boning),smooths and enhances the waistline (giving a coke bottle appearance), and holds the buttocks up in position, all in 10 minutes. The garment was designed for ”instant gratification,” that leads to long-term results. It provides the ”illusion” of looking 10 pounds smaller in 10 minutes. There are also several nutritional products supplied by Ardyss International. One flagship nutritional product that is used in conjunction with ”The Body Magic” is “Le Vive.”Le’ Vive contains 5 of the world’s most powerful antioxidant fruits. It consists of Mangosteen, Noni, Goji, Acai, and Pomegranate. The combination of their juices decreases cholesterol, increases circulation, increases energy, decreases appetite aiding in weight-loss, regulates bowels which eliminates toxins from the body, enhances sex-drive naturally, strengthens the immune system and prevents the occurrence of terrible degenerative diseases. Daily wear of the garment, and the use of the organic nutritional products has life-changing results.

강남 청담 나이트 강남에서 이제는 나이트클럽은 하나밖에 남지 않았습니다 10년동안 한자리에서 운영하고 있으며 전통있는 나이트클럽입니다 강남 홀덤 오랫동안 운영해왔습니다 좋으신분들로만 구성되어 있습니다 매너있는 플레이어 모집합니다

Help Your Body Heal After Breast Surgery |

Don’t try to rush your body, it needs time to adjust after breast surgery. Don’t get impatient and try to jump right back into a normal daily routine. Ignoring healing times and medical instructions could cause injury, and results of the surgery may not be as hoped for or expected. Don’t risk undoing what you set out to repair or enhance because some damage cannot be reversed.What happens after breast surgery?
Taking the necessary time to recuperate is important and helps the body adjust to changes made by surgery. Eating light nutritious foods, and allowing yourself to rest will help get maximum surgical results.Breast surgery is common, but, it is invasive, complicated, and a major surgical procedure. As with any surgery, It comes with risks and possible complications, such as infections. Whether you are having breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction or mastectomy surgery, a compression bra or vest can be vital to your comfort and healing time.Is ‘compression’ synonymous with pain?
The word ‘compression’ may conjure up thoughts of painful pressure, and you might wonder why you would want to have something squeeze on your incisions and bruised body. A compression bra or vest does not apply painful pressure to your surgical area, but does provide support to reduce swelling and bruising. Instead, it gently supports the breasts and comforts the bruised area. Most likely, you will forget you have the bra on, and only notice the difference it makes when you take it off to bathe.Soreness and stiffness is to be expected after any surgery, but breast surgery affects the entire trunk of the body. Most likely, you will feel the wound with breathing, twisting, and turning movements . Oftentimes, women experience throbbing sensations in their breasts after surgery, and a compression garment can provide relief.Days or weeks after your breast surgery is not the time to begin to wear, or wish you had purchased a compression garment. Wearing a compression bra 24-hours a day, immediately after surgery, greatly improves healing time and personal comfort.Compression garments help to ease discomfort.
Post surgical garments are easy to put on because they are made in a vest-like configuration. They are available in a variety of styles, such as, full coverage, shoulder to mid-torso, and sports bra designs. Velcro or hook and eye closures allow painless and easy dressing. Check out styles that may be best suited to your specific needs.Before your breast surgery, take the time to research and learn about compression garments to increase surgical comfort and speed up healing time.