Ardyss Extravaganza – What’s the Point? |

Ardyss International flagship product which has elevated the company to unbelievable heights in the United States is the Body Magic reshaping garment. This garment is similar to a corset and girdle promises to drop 3 sizes from your body in 10 minutes or less without surgery.The company is a family owned business which started in Mexico over 20 years ago and has only moved to the United States in the past three years. Ardyss is seeing huge success in the network marketing industry and has grown to over 200,000 distributors. Many of the associates are coming online to market their business and are running into problems promoting the body magic garment. That’s primarily because the distributors have not been trained on how to market their business online using leading edge strategies.I’ve conducted interviews with many of the Ardyss directors and managers. I’ve learned that they have traveled all over the country promoting the product via trade shows, house parties and meetings. This process has worked well but some are complaining about the amount of travel required to market the product successfully. After reviewing the process of the distributors I realized they are going about their marketing strategy in a difficult manner.They have been encouraged to bring their strategies online and begin to market other ardyss products which sell extremely well. This includes the LeVive antioxidant beverage and the ultra body cleanse used for colon cleansing and detoxing. Marketing these products online may prove to have more success online than the body magic reshaping garment.They’ve also been advised to continue to market the reshaping garment but do so in a more intimate setting and most likely using their offline strategies that have proven to work extremely well. If they combine these strategies the product should yield huge benefits for anyone in the business.The ardyss extravaganza will be held in Las Vegas on February 14-16. This event will feature all that’s new in products and services with Ardyss International. This is the event where you can meet the top leaders in the business in addition to the owners of the company.As a representative you should always take the opportunity to attend events so you can meet, mingle and learn from the leaders in the business and the owners of the company. This event will help provide training that’s required for continued success with the company. To learn how to combine your successful offline marketing strategies with state of the art online strategies join me for some free training that will show you the correct way to market online.

What is All the Hype About Ardyss International? |

There is a lot of talk going around about Ardyss International! For those who have no clue what Ardyss is and what they are all about; they are a 20 year old company started in Mexico that has now been in the U.S. for approximately 2 years. They are a family owned network marketing health and wellness business and seem to be growing by leaps and bounds! Let’s take a look at the company more in depth!Their speedy growth is most likely attributed to 4 key factors.1. They have a revolutionary line of reshaping garments that claim to instantly drop a woman or man down 2 to 3 sizes in 10 minutes with no diet, exercise, pills, or surgery. Also many report back of major weight loss simply by wearing these garments.2. There is an extensive nutritional line of all natural organic products that are said to aid in weight loss as well as proper nutrition and many claims of healing from many degenerative diseases.3. The compensation plan seems to be like no other I’ve ever seen. Ardyss boasts a hefty comp plan that pays 10 different ways and also pays out some bonuses on a weekly basis. I believe the addition to medical benefits that they help pay for are part of what attracts individuals to the business.4. Last but not least, the company is family owned and seems to treat each distributor as if they are truly family. They say their goal is to make their distributors wealthy and to change lives all over the world.Women are most likely attracted to the reshaping garments because a lot wear girdles and have complained of them being uncomfortable, rolling, being hot, and not giving them a desirable shape. Ardyss seems to have addressed the girdle issue by having their garments developed by an Orthopedic Surgeon. I suppose that says a lot because a doctor may have more of an idea how to design an effective reshaping weight loss garment better than a clothing designer may. Men seem to be excited about the t-shirt that was designed to drop them 2 belt sizes and begin to lose that undesirable pot belly!The nutritional line seems to be for everyone, including children. All the products say they are easily digestible and absorb at an efficient 99% rate due to them being either liquid or powder form. As we are all aware being healthy on the inside is extremely important. Nutritional supplements should be an essential part of our daily routine…who knows they may keep us away from the doctor’s office!I believe that it’s important to do our research and truly seeing is believing! Ardyss is getting a lot of hype and perhaps all of their claims are true; you may want to check it out for yourself before you prejudge!